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Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Published: march 3th, 2019

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"If you cannot bear our pain, you are not fit to carry our strength." - Diana

Diana said this after Jason took a serum that gave him the power of an Amazon, but what he didn’t realise was that amazons feel each others’ pain. This gave Diana the ability to beat him because Diana had lived with the pain all of her life. However, Jason, who didn’t know what it felt like to be an Amazon, quickly learned that with each blow he dealt to Diana he would feel the pain of every Amazon fallen in battle and hear the chorus of their screams. Due to this new found pain, Jason fell to his knees whimpering and rocking back and forth.

This scene is the most important in the entire book because right after this Alia was able to go to the spring and end the line of Warbringers. It also showed that Diana is intelligent enough to be able to find another way to defeat Jason other than killing him. After this scene Diana went back home to Themyscira and the world went as much back to normal as it was able to.

As for what I thought of the book. There were parts that were poorly written and as previously stated (about the heart stone travel) 1 concept that was straight up not explained. However, it was overall not bad and I would rate it 8.5/10, but it must be taken into account that I love superheroes and that probably influenced my answer.