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Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Published: February 25th, 2019

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"Did it work?” - Alia

Alia says this right after they use the heart shaped heartstone in order to exit Themyscira and enter the mortal world. This alone would have been fine, but dince they decided to not tell the reader that this could happen, this was a very confusing passage. Diana probably explained it to Alia while they were building the boat and she probably told Alia that the heart stone would teleport them.

I realised that the stone was going to teleport them half way through the process. This was the same time I new Alia was going to teleport them to New York faster. This was obvious because there were still about 200 pages left and they were teleported through will power and physical contact with the stone.

I believe that Alia wanted to get to her Brother - Jason - more than Diana wasnted to cure Alia. This is because Alia is worried for her brother who probably thinks that she is dead, and she feels bad for breaking his rules, now that she knows that she really is being hunted.