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Wonder Woman: Warbringer
Published: February 24th, 2019

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"Diana had hulled the Thetis from the bottom of the sea" - Alia (page 76).

This was thought by Alia as she watched in awe, as Diana was pulling the wreck of the Thetis into the cove where she sat. This shows the shear strength Diana has, even though she isn't a full grown Amazon. Diana had to do this though, because she couldn't get a boat from the harbor without drawing attention to her. However, since the boat was destroyed, they had to take the wreckage and make a raft. If they don't then Alia and some of the Amazons will die.

I believe that Diana and Alia will take the raft to Istanbul and find their way to Therapne from there. This way they would be in a city where they can either get a car or a horse to ride to the river. I don't believe that they will walk because Alia is not that strong, so a 1,300 kilometer walk will be out of the question. The could however get a boat, at Istanbul, and then sail to Greece and ride from there.

I do not think that there sail to Istanbul will make it all the way to Istanbul. I believe that they will get attacked on the water and then have to kill the attackers and take there boat. They could, also, tie up the attackers, but either way they would have a boat to take all the way to Greece. This, I believe, to be the most realistic thing to happen to them.