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Journal 3
Published: March 5th, 2019

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"Trust no one" - the author

This is my absolute favourite book of all time. It was written after the animated series called Gravity Falls ended because it is the book which leads the protagonist - Dipper Pines - to various monsters and on a search for the author of the book. The book is the third journal written by “the author” and in it is his research of the anomalies of the town and its surrounding area. Due to this being the third and last journal written by the author, the second half of the journal was empty, and thus Dipper is able to write in it. There are also lots of cryptograms and other hidden messages. More so if you have the special edition Journal 3.

The first half of the story is the process of the author's research and his descent into paranoia. Then it is the Dipper’s notes of his own observations and then when the author comes back, it is his notes that are in it. The Journal has secrets like Dipper’s real name and letters from the future. If you have already watched and loved gravity falls, then I would highly recommend reading this book, which is written by the creator of the show.

This quote is written by the author when he realises that the being helping him is really a dream demon named Bill Cipher. This demon was tricking the author into creating a portal to his reality because it has no laws of physics, which means that anything can happen, including its own self-destruction. The author - who knows that this demon can possess anyone - decides to “trust no one” and hide his research.